Poetry on Photography Nameplate

freezing a glimpse

Snapping an image through a lens of one of infinite perspectives of light...

Catching an instant in the ever-changing sea of photons ebbing at light speed...

Colors reflect, transmit, and absorb; ambient and diffuse lightings mingle...

Surfaces soft or shiny, rough or smooth: highlights accent the play of light...

Framing a view to tell a story: a glimpse of feeling to share Life's wonder...

copyright 2005-07-28 Ron Bracale All rights reserved

Be Patient: Contemplate the Meaning...

Freedom (Spring 1975)
Trying (Summer 1975)
Seven Planes (Summer 1977)
the Garden (Summer 1978)
Bright Future (Fall 1984)
Dream Music (Spring 1985)
an Attitude of Love (Summer 1985)
the Wind (Summer 1985)
Laughing Along Our Way (Winter 1985)

Pulling Silk (Winter 2003-02-22)
Spiritual Love (Spring 2003-05-19)
the Goal (Winter 2004-01-17)
Beauty (Winter 2004-01-23)
Blessed Be: Nature's Beauty (2005-07-31)
Beyond Right and Wrong (2005-07-31)

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