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Poetry 01.
Poetry 01 Poems on Graphics

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Kaleidoscopes 02.
Kaleidoscopes set 02

Kaleidoscopes 01.
Kaleidoscopes set 01

Based upon Natural, Fractal, and Virtual Images.
Symetry with very special beauty.

Story Stone
Multimedia images combining many art forms.
Combining images and virtual reality
to allow the maximum expressive potential
and allow you to enter imaginal space.

Hall Of Self Reflection
Ray traces: Virtual reality images.
Ray traced virtual reality images.
Amazingly crystal clear realities.
Mostly POVray generated.

Shakti's Eye
Fractal Art: Infinite potentials unveiled.
Fractal art revealing the beauty of mathematical expression.
Fractals are the basis of genetic code and natural patters.
Mostly Ultra Fractal generated.

poetry on Photography icon
Poetry on Photography.
Poetry the sacred language of the soul,
combined with photographic images to express magic,
that is the miracle of this amazing living creation.

Art Images
Paintings and Drawings.
Paintings, colored pencil sketches, & drawings.
Mostly stuff from my younger days.
You can find meaning in this spiritual art.

Terragen red Planet Terragen 02

Terragen Red Planet.
Terragen Landscapes of a Red Planet.
Perhaps like Mars, but with a touch more atmosphere.

Terragen Earthlike planetary spaces.
Terragen Landscapes of a Earthlike planetary spaces.

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